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Torca shoes, wholesale service from three generations ago.

Specialists in Lady and gentleman, sporting, of season. Winter and summer, slipper and sandal shoe boots.

Offer to our customers a service quick and effective with prices without competition, offers of season and throughout the year.
Shoes to the wholesale, sale and distribution to the wholesale of all types of footwear (male, female, children and sports). Brands and imported products, seasonal catalogs available for download online for our customers.

Latest news, we serve the peninsula quickly and effectively, we serve product made in Spain to supermarkets, fashion boutiques, shops online, etc. We are a wholesale warehouse to the wholesale footwear made in Spain.

We are committed to offer our customers the greatest possible value for money, but always with the commitment to give the best quality mainly in skin, respecting the environment and the rules of the EC.

Footwear Torca features a select group of suppliers, to respond to the needs of our customers, both in fashion, quality and service.

An of our main advantages is the speed and flexibility to adapt us to the changing trends of the fashion.

Our products are directed to shoe stores, wholesale of footwear, large surfaces, shops of fashion, shops on-line, etc. Expressly excluding sales to the retail (consumer).